About Khrys

Contrary to what you may expect, I never wanted to be an author. Business came as natural as breathing to me. I enjoyed Consulting and Project Management until the day I realized I had found formulas and solutions for everyone else, but none that worked for me. What began as a brief hiatus, led to writing, to creating spaces for my own unique blend of skills and experience, and for others hoping to do the same.

I was fortunate to live in an area with a strong writing community, and women like myself, who wrote strong female leads, complex stories, and created worlds for both to dwell. Besides sharing aspirations for our writing, our conversations often turned to odd encounters with people who thought we should be writing something else, how twisted a character could actually be, and fight scenes that fell flat, doing justice to neither character, nor story.

I knew having even limited martial arts experience made better fight scenes. But I also learned:

  • Most strong female characters are still written by men.
  • Most fight scenes are also, not because women can’t, but because they don’t know how
  • A weaker story with strong fight scenes written by a man, is more likely to be green-lighted, than a strong story with poor fight scenes written by a woman.

This impacts other areas, too:

  • Women not writing the stories they want to tell.
  • Not realizing the potential of their writing beyond the book.
  • Approaching writing in ways that neither work for, nor empower, them.

I created #StrongWomenWrite in response to this. But also, because I enjoy the flexibility writing provides, and want women to experience camaraderie (sisterhood) that not only creates opportunities for their work, but to do good, too.

Thankfully, #StrongWomenWrite has been well-received by women and men whom we connect, challenge, and engage both on- and offline.

If you’re a female author, I hope you find we are not your typical writing group, our events and approach refreshing, and a supportive sisterhood to challenge what you consider impossible.

Join our email list to stay in touch, or feel free to connect via Instagram. I look forward to having tea with you, or meeting you at our next event.

To your journey! No two are the same.


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