Workshop FAQs

#StrongWomenWrite Creator, Khrys Vaughan

When I began writing The Red Umbrella Society, I soon noticed that having even some knowledge of martial arts was helpful when it came to writing fight scenes. But many women do not and struggle to write fight scenes that do not fall flat or fail the characters they’ve created. And after discovering that the majority of strong female characters and action/adventures are still written by men, I decided to to take #StrongWomenWrite a step further via workshops for female writers to do just that.

Not your typical writing workshops, you will be able to observe and engage. Each workshop will be led by instructors experienced in various martial arts forms/fighting styles, cover the anatomy of a fight (information extremely helpful to writers), and include a demonstration that you can participate in. Yes, YOU!

It’s not only about the fight scene, but stepping outside your comfort zone in a supportive women-only environment. Putting your body in motion allows you to retain more of what you learn. That’s important when the workshop is over and you’re at home working on your own.


Each workshop is two (2) hours long. Attend both for a flat fee or each individually.

Only 20 seats available for each. Workshops are transferable, but non-refundable.

No registrations accepted at the door.

See FAQs for other questions.

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Q: Do I have to participate in the demonstration?
A: You do not have to, but it is encouraged, barring any physical limitations. Putting your body in motion helps you retain more of what you learn. Plus, it will be fun. If you would like to participate in the demonstration portion of the workshop, tick the box on the registration form.

Khrys Vaughan, #StrongWomenWriteQ: Why should I attend if I don’t like a particular form/fight style?
A: Although a particular style may not be your favorite, you will gain insight from the different instructors that may prove useful in your writing, can be used to get in the mind of other characters, or pick up a new self-defense move that you did not know before. It is not only about the art itself. Besides, if one day your character decides to do something different,  you will be prepared.

Q: What should I wear?
A: If you are participating, comfortable clothes. If you are not, comfortable clothes.

Q: Is recording allowed?
A: Take all the photos you like, but NO RECORDINGS (video, audio, or otherwise) are allowed. If you are unable to take notes due to injury or other circumstance, please contact us in advance to obtain a companion ticket at a reduced fee.

Q: Will you act out a scene from my book?
A: Glad you asked. Regardless of the focus of the workshop, attendees are encouraged to bring a fight or action/adventure scene from their recent or current work-in-progress. Up to four (4) women will be given the opportunity to read their scene at the beginning of the workshop. During the workshop, instructors may incorporate a scene into their demonstration or discuss information relevant to such. If you are interested in reading during the workshop, tick the box on the registration form to receive additional directions.

Q: It’s a women-only workshop. Why are some of the instructors male?
A: Whether male or female, instructors are chosen for their experience, credibility, reliability, and perceived ability to interact with the public. And while certain inequities do exist, we value our male allies as #StrongWomenWrite sisters value each other. A woman being all she can be, in no way diminishes a man being all he can be. Holding this belief acknowledges that it is not an either-or proposition, but reaching our destinations together.

Q: The workshop is sold out. Is there a wait-list?
A: Yes, there is. Tick the option if you’d like to be added to the wait list. You will receive an email if a space becomes available. Be sure to add the domain ‘’ to your safe list to ensure receipt.

Q: If I pay for a workshop, but can’t make it, is there a refund?
A: Workshops are non-refundable, but you can choose to apply it to a future workshop or transfer it to a fellow #StrongWomenWrite sister by simply contacting us in advance. Advanced Registration Only. No Tickets Sold at the Door.

Q: Where can I register?
A: Glad you asked. Click here!


You (Attendee/Participant) understand and are aware that you shall be engaging in physical activities, including but not necessarily limited to training and instruction in the Martial Arts which includes physical contact which could result in injury (‘Activities’). You are voluntarily participating in said activities and assume all risks and hereby agree to waive any claims or rights you might otherwise have against Twisted Quill, LLC, #StrongWomenWrite, its affiliates, contractors, assigns, and other related parties (‘Releasees’) for injury, loss of damages arising out of or relating to said Activities including, but not limited to those risks which may be associated with or attributed to any negligent act, omission, or fault of the Releasees (‘Waived Risks’). You further agree to indemnify, save and hold harmless Releasees from any claim, loss or damages, including but not limited to attorney fees, to which they may be subjected arising out of, or relating to, this event or the Activities including but not necessarily limited to Waived Risks. Any promises, representations, understandings and/or agreements pertaining directly or indirectly which are not contained herin are hereby waived. No oral changes are binding.