New Podcast!

New #StrongWomenWrite podcast! Tune in on Anchor.FM

The #StrongWomenWrite Podcast is Here!

Air Dates: 1st Friday each month. 30-60 minutes.

Audience: Women Writers and their readers; those otherwise interested in women’s stories.

Purpose: To connect women beyond their usual spheres, scope of resources.
To present info to Women Writers that challenges them to approach their craft and projects differently, and expectations of them.

Location: Anchor.FM, Android or iOS app.

Host: Khrys Vaughan, Author, Consultant, Creator of #StrongWomenWrite

Also, available on #StrongWomenWrite podcast also available on...

How You Can Help:

  1. Share the #StrongWomenWrite podcast in your emails and social media.
  2. Periodically check this page for queries or our email list if you’d like to be a guest.
  3. Send feedback, ideas via AnchorFM or the contact form on this website.
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