#StrongWomenWrite Better Fight Scenes Workshop: Martial Arts- Taekwondo

Better Fight Scenes: Martial Arts

BETTER FIGHT SCENES WORKSHOP: MARTIAL ARTS – TAEKWONDO Saturday, October 7th Martial Arts has long honored traditions and history. You may be one of many who have taken classes or admired the feats, discipline of those who do so. Attend … Continue reading “Better Fight Scenes: Martial Arts”

#StrongWomenWrite Better Fight Scenes Workshop: Sword - Tips & Techniques

Better Fight Scenes: Sword

BETTER FIGHT SCENES WORKSHOP: SWORD FIGHTS – TECHNIQUES & STRATEGIES Saturday, September 16th Does your heroine/villain wield a sword? Need to prepare your character for upcoming battles? Create scenes that don’t fall flat? Learn about: The Anatomy of a Fight … Continue reading “Better Fight Scenes: Sword”

How to Earn $ix Figures as an Indie Author workshop with Angie Fox


WRITING CRAFT WORKSHOP: HOW TO EARN $IX FIGURE$ AS AN INDIE AUTHOR New York Times bestselling author, Angie Fox, has walked both tradition and self-published paths. She is conducting this three-hour (3) workshop to show female writers how they too can … Continue reading “Workshops”