Better Fight Scenes: Martial Arts

#StrongWomenWrite Better Fight Scenes Workshop: Martial Arts- Taekwondo

Saturday, October 7th

Martial Arts has long honored traditions and history. You may be one of many who have taken classes or admired the feats, discipline of those who do so. Attend this workshop to help your characters pull off the fight scene you’ve had in mind from the very beginning. Gain insight on:

  • Movie-Foo vs. Martial Arts
  • The Brain Experience in a Fight
  • Self-Defense Techniques
  • Writing the Scene vs. What You See
  • And More…

Date: Saturday, October 7th

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Master Greg Dickerson, World Martial Arts Academy-HazelwoodINSTRUCTOR:
Master Greg Dickerson is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, certified by Kukkiwon International World Headquarters (Seoul, Korea).  As a practioner for close to 20 years, he studied under 9th Degree Black Belt, Grand Master Young Chul Rho, and Master Young Jin Lee, and was part of a Taekwondo demonstration team that traveled throughout the United States. Master Dickerson became part of the WMAA Organization in 2010 when he purchased World Martial Arts Academy-Hazelwood, making him the youngest person to become an owner.

Master Dickerson is a member of the North County Chamber of Commerce. He believes in supporting local community businesses, schools, and stays in contact with human rights organizations seeking to contribute to communities in need, and be a safe-harbor for marginalized populations.


You (Attendee/Participant) understand and are aware that you shall be engaging in physical activities, including but not necessarily limited to training and instruction in the Martial Arts which includes physical contact which could result in injury (‘Activities’). You are voluntarily participating in said activities and assume all risks and hereby agree to waive any claims or rights you might otherwise have against Twisted Quill, LLC, #StrongWomenWrite, its affiliates, contractors, assigns, and other related parties (‘Releasees’) for injury, loss of damages arising out of or relating to said Activities including, but not limited to those risks which may be associated with or attributed to any negligent act, omission, or fault of the Releasees (‘Waived Risks’). You further agree to indemnify, save and hold harmless Releasees from any claim, loss or damages, including but not limited to attorney fees, to which they may be subjected arising out of, or relating to, this event or the Activities including but not necessarily limited to Waived Risks. Any promises, representations, understandings and/or agreements pertaining directly or indirectly which are not contained herin are hereby waived. No oral changes are binding. 

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