Better Fight Scenes

Better Fight Scenes


Date: Saturday, June 29th, 9-11a

Have an action or fight scene in mind that you’d like to pull off?
Does your heroine/villain wield a weapon, or is the weapon their body?
Is your character prepared for their upcoming battle?
Are you?

Attend this interactive two-hour workshop to learn more about:
* The Anatomy of a Fight
* Strikes & Techniques
* Using Strategy to Build a Better Scene
* What’s in Your Head vs. What Makes it to Paper
Participate in Demonstrations (yes, YOU)

Get your questions answered, and gain the insight needed to write the scenes you’ve imagined that don’t fall flat.

Advance Registration only.
15 Seats.

***Attendees are invited to read a fight scene from their recent/current WiP (work-in-progress). To have yours read, submit the passage by Wednesday, June 26th. No gore or erotic material.***

Click here to register. Deadline Wednesday, June 26.



Multi-discipline Martial Artist, Rica Grandison


Originally from Linden, NJ, Rica Grandison is a multi-disciplined Martial Artist. For more than 35 years she has trained in Tae Kwon Do (3rd Degree Black Belt), Sabaki Kickboxing (Black Belt), Kru Muay Thai (Purple Prajied), and Boxing. In addition to having a Pro Record of 26-6-12, and being a National Association of Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, Rica has spent 24 of the past years coaching. She takes great joy in developing her students, and when they go on to compete.






You (Attendee/Participant) understand and are aware that you shall be engaging in physical activities, including but not necessarily limited to training and instruction in the Martial Arts which includes physical contact which could result in injury (‘Activities’). You are voluntarily participating in said activities and assume all risks and hereby agree to waive any claims or rights you might otherwise have against Twisted Quill, LLC, #StrongWomenWrite, its affiliates, contractors, assigns, and other related parties (‘Releasees’) for injury, loss of damages arising out of or relating to said Activities including, but not limited to those risks which may be associated with or attributed to any negligent act, omission, or fault of the Releasees (‘Waived Risks’). You further agree to indemnify, save and hold harmless Releasees from any claim, loss or damages, including but not limited to attorney fees, to which they may be subjected arising out of, or relating to, this event or the Activities including but not necessarily limited to Waived Risks. Any promises, representations, understandings and/or agreements pertaining directly or indirectly which are not contained herin are hereby waived. No oral changes are binding. 

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