Recently, our sisters gathered locally and online to hear of developments and changes to #StrongWomenWrite. Over tea, we discussed what we’ve accomplished, the impact we want to have going forward; ending with the announcement of the Tea Project – our first to meet the needs of women, utilizing writing to deliver a powerful solution. (The write-up Nicole Evelina did, one of our sisters in St. Louis, can be read here.)

The Anthology is the first step of this project. It will pair fictional works of women writers alongside the very real voices of women who’ve experienced trafficking, or have aged out of orphanages, showcasing strength and its more subtle sister, resilience. The anthology will also serve as a vehicle for the next phase of the project, creating spaces for these women to live and work.

You are needed to make this a reality.


Project Timeline:

September 2019 – Selection of Regional Coordinators and Project Orientation
October 1, 2019 – March 31st, 2020 – Open Submissions
April 2020 – Review and Selection
May 2020 – Accepted candidates notified; Interviews scheduled
June, July – Edit, Compilation, Pre-orders
September – Release Event (Atlanta, Georgia area)

General Submission Guidelines:

Women only.
Preference given to #WriteStrongWomen members.
Stories accepted internationally, but must be submitted in English.

Short Story Guidelines:

Women Writers only.
No gore or erotica.
Stories must have strong female at center.
Character must ‘win’ whether protagonist or antagonist.
Maximum Word Count: 3,300. No minimum.
First-time female authors welcome.
Photo, short bio, URL if applicable or social media links required.

True Story Guidelines:

Women survivors only.
Stories must be true. We will showcase your strength, not your pain.
Your story, your words. Do not feel pressured to write like a pro.
You may find it is easier to tell your story via creative non-fiction. This is acceptable, but must be noted when submitted.
You must be willing to be photographed (option available to guard privacy).
Maximum Word Count: 2,500.
Photo, URL if applicable required. Social media links for our verification only. Will not be shared.

Submission Details:

  1. Submit your story to TeaProject [@] .
  2. Use Fiction or True as the subject line + the title of your story.
  3. Include your name, contact info (phone and preferred email), short bio, photo, URL and/or social media links.
  4. Paste your story within the body of the email.
  5. Submissions close March 31, 2020. Accepted stories will be notified in May.

Share this project by directing other women writers to this page. And if you know of women willing to share, please work with them to gather their stories for October 1st.

This is an ambitious undertaking. But, I strongly believe women have the power to be their own solution. And that when sisters gather, amazing things happen.


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