Khrys Vaughan, Author, Creator of #StrongWomenWrite


My writing journey began in 2010 when I received the idea for what would become my first novel. But it wouldn’t be until NaNoWriMo 2013 that I took it seriously and actually began writing. Since then, I’ve met many female authors who like myself, enjoy writing strong female leads, complex stories, and creating worlds for both to dwell. And whether at conferences, workshops, or in writing groups, conversations tend to center on getting the word out about our stories, the real impact of strong female leads, and odd experiences once people discover we aren’t writing chick lit or romance (as if strong women do not exist in those genres, too).

After many of these discussions, I saw a need to be filled and opportunities for impact that coexisted within it. So I relied on my previous experience in Marketing and as a Consultant to create #StrongWomenWrite – a series of women-only writing events to promote Strong Female Characters and the Women who Write them.

The first was March 1, 2017. Having only a minimal advertising budget, I was happy to see that it was well-received, and women, and men, supporting the new hashtag. Engagement continues to grow with each event as more women discover it and use it as a platform to connect, share resources, and actively showcase their work.

Although too early to discuss, other things are in the works. Join the email list to receive updates. If you are local, I hope to see you at one of our upcoming workshops or Meetup. If not, join us online for our monthly tweetchat. For potential collaborations, sponsorships, or more detailed communications, please use the contact form.

Cheers to you & your journey! No two are the same.

After more than 12 years as a Consultant and Project Manager, Khrys Vaughan took what was to be a brief hiatus, discovered a love of writing. She now enjoys writing twisted stories, and remains passionate about women wielding their voices as well as their swords. Khrys is vegan, collects red umbrellas, and treasures time with her husband and children.